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ideliver provides warehousing, distribution and customer relationship management services to the eCommerce industry. This is complimented by our exclusive and unique distribution network. Making deliveries to home more cost effective. Confidently leading the challenge to tailor make the logistics model for the new millennium.

When your website generates a sale, we are the partner process to what happens next. At ideliver, we do everything that incorporates the ordering process through to the delivery of your product to your customer.

ideliver’s eCommerce order fulfillment packages take responsibility for after sales service and customer relationship management by providing information to all stake holders from the initial ordering stage through to the delivery process, assuring the utmost integrity and control of your most important relationship ~ Your Customers

ecommerce order fulfillment


This entry level order distribution option provides services in areas of distribution & delivery of your customers order from your depot, shop or garage.



ideliver Plus provides the backbone to fulfillment in the warehousing and stock control areas of this intricate and important facilitation process.



Distribution management is the major difference on this package as we provide you distribution management with costs greatly reduced.



ideliver Platinum is our full service eCommerce fulfillment package where we facilitate all the available customer interaction processes to include return/warranty processing.